Four Elements

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Discover the atmosphere of the four elements that were even used to described the “humors” found in the human body. The idea have influenced from many cultures.

What is the theory of the four elements of human body? According to Thai traditional medical wisdom, our body is composed of four elements namely earth, water, air, and fire. Each one of us will have one dominant element which is determined from our birthdate, our personality and health conditions to find out what elements these traits correspond to the most.

If you are healthy, the four elements will be in balance. However, when an imbalance occurs, illnesses from the weaknesses of our dominant elements will manifest immediately. In order to primarily prevent the illnesses that may occur, we must begin with our eating habit by using tastes in food to help maintain balance and prevent illnesses.

Dr. Martin Joachim Henglein from the International School of Aromatherapy and Osmology Institute (ISAO), who studies traditional medicines of ancient China, India and Thailand, has collected data, and conducted experiments and researches on essential oils based on the theory of body’s dominant element. He gave the definition for essential oil as herbs extracted from nature for therapeutic uses.


General traits of people with different dominant body elements  



Earth – people who are born in November, December, January.

Physical features – tall, dark skin, dark hair, big frame, likely to be overweight, sturdy, loud big voice, rarely ill.

Personality – quiet, staid, relatively inert.

Health problems – digestive system, pains and aches at body parts and joints.


Water – people who are born in August, September, October.

Physical features – well proportionate body, glowing and firm skin, beautiful eyes with a lot of eye fluid, steady gait, dark hair, able to withstand hunger, heat, and coldness, clear voice, healthy sexual desire, lazy, and sluggish.

Personality – hedonist, sensitive, romantic.

Health problems – high blood pressure.


Air – people who are born in May, June, July.
Physical features – skinny, dry skin, joints make cracking sounds when moving body, having difficulty withstanding coldness, talkative, low-pitched voice, low sexual desire, having trouble sleeping.

Personality – quick, and mercurial.

Health problems – bloating and gassy stomach, angina.


Fire – people who are born in February, March, April.
Physical features – portly build, balding or graying hair, wrinkled skin, thin hair and mustache, cannot withstand hot weather, having high appetite, loose joints, having bad breath and body odor, moderate sexual desire, easily irritable.

Personality – making decisions very quickly, stubborn.

Health problems – suffering frequent internal heat, mouth ulcers, low blood pressure.

The use of essential oils based on the body’s dominant element will complement the aromatherapy techniques. When the body system is in balance, the circulation of the blood, the nervous system and hormones in the body will work effectively. As a result, those who are treated with aroma will be healthier.