Company Profile

Nitthai Trading Limited Partnership 2004

The company was created with the inspiration to build a commercial relationship between Thailand and Japan starting from the trade between the two countries by focusing on quality products that meet the needs of buyers and sellers. From this good relationship, bridges that link to various other businesses have also been formed.

We are confident in the selection of premium products to offer to our customers. We also support economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries as a continuation of the strong relationship of Thailand and japan since the past.

Company History

2004 ~ Now   : Import Used Car, New Cars and Autopart from Japan for Export

2005 ~ 2008  : Hitech Auto Gas (Installation and Equipment installed gas cars)

2005 ~ 2008  : “More Than Guide” Magazine

2005 ~ Now   : INTANAPAN Farm (Rubber, Corn, Tapioca)

2008 ~ Now   : PreOrder (from Japan to Thailand and from Thailand to Japan)

2008 ~ Now   : Export Honey and Essential Oil to Japan

2013 ~ Now   : Export Recycle material, Pellet Biomass to Japan and other

2015 ~ Now  :  ABO Therapy