ABO Therapy is a coherent remedial system of aromatherapy, the theory of blood type personality, and the wisdom of four bodily elements. This therapy is influenced by the idea of Dr. Martin Henglein from the International School of Aromatherapy and Osmology Germany (ISAO Germany), a disciple of the father of aromatherapy. In 1985, after studying the traditional medicines of China, India, and Thailand, and researching about aromatherapy in traditional medicines, he wrote a book in German called “Die Heilende Kraft def Wohlgeruche und Essenzen”. This book now becomes one of the fundamental books on aromatherapy. The aromatic blend of each type of essential oils is a mysterious and challenging secret waiting to be uncovered. It leads to the discovery of thousands of new fragrances.

Aromatherapy, the power of scent for health, is widely acknowledged within the field of health for its therapeutic properties such as stimulating sensory power, balancing various systems in the body, improving blood circulation system, regulating nervous system and hormones in the body, strengthening immunity, calming and relaxing the mind, refreshing and relieving stress. When the body is exposed to essential substances in aromatic oils, the part of the brain that controls emotions will be aroused, resulting in specific emotional effects regarding to each scent. The idea that people of the four blood types have their own different characteristics has been evolving for a long time. It is believed that people of the same blood type will be alike in terms of thoughts, expressions, and inclinations. The Japanese believe that blood types are the main influence on different personalities which directly and profoundly affect the daily life of Japanese people. In the medical society, there is an idea that blood types can foreshadow the outlook for patients to be suffering from certain diseases, or can even protect them from those diseases. This idea continuously inspires new inventions for alternative methods of treatment, including aromatherapy. The fragrance maker has recognized the importance of a treatment based on blood type, and has created fragrance formulas to help optimize the therapeutic effects from smell.

ABO Therapy has, therefore, been developed and refined into an innovative treatment method based on blood types from the accumulated knowledge of the characteristics of each blood types that are collected from books and media in Japan, the experience of 8 years of living in Japan and graduated from the Aromatherapy School, the first institute of aromatherapy for health in Thailand, established by Dr. Jongkotchaporn Pinitaksorn, the planner of an aromatherapy curriculum approved by the Ministry of healthcare to be used as a standard course. The key to the science of aromatherapy is the scent from pure essential oils extracted from natural ingredients. The essential oils are usually high in concentration and therefore must be diluted before use, and used carefully in order to unlock their true benefits.

ABO Therapy puts great emphasis on winnowing only good quality essential oils from around the world to create products with incredible performance.


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